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  Since those early days, Newfurn has evolved to be arguably Australia’s most progressive retail floor coverings Group.

In 2011 the Group undertook a major development decision. To change their name to Choices, to extend the range with more products, colours, textures and styles to provide customers with more opportunities
to find the floor they’d been searching for.

At Choices we’re proud to say that we really know our stuff. Our Members combine extensive product knowledge with years of practical experience to help you find that perfect floor.

But while they receive thorough training in all aspects of our products, customer service, colour, decorating and design, they also understand that floor coverings help create the mood and style of your home.

So, when you visit a Choices store, we promise you an enjoyable experience plus all the help you need to make the right choice for your home.
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Unit 9, 7-13 Victoria Avenue, Castle hill, NSW, Australia, 2154

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