Better Advertising Solutions Terms & Conditions

Better Advertising Solutions (“BAS”) operates an online directory listing for Australian Businesses located at (the “Website”). 
The addition of your business details on this Directory acknowledges acceptance by you of a Contract for Supply of Directory Services with BAS using the BAS Website.
You agree to be bound by the BAS Conditions of Use as set out herein and other conditions published or contained in the Website.
You should read these Conditions of Use thoroughly as well as other information on the Website:-


All users of the Directory and Website enter into a Contract for Supply of the BAS Directory Services to you by BAS and you agree to be bound by all the Conditions of Use as published from time to time by BAS.  BAS requires the initial Contract to Supply for a period of  90  days from the date of entry into the Contract for Supply of Directory Services.  After the initial period you may choose a service supply as may be offered to you.  After the initial period either party may terminate the Contract for Supply of Directory Services giving written notice.


BAS can amend the Conditions of Use at any time.  Such amendments shall be effective upon publishing or posting on the Website or such later date as BAS may specify.  Your continued use of the Directory shall constitute acceptance of the amended Conditions of Use whether or not BAS give specific notice of any amendment.


(a)       You are to ensure that material placed in the Directory is accurate, appropriate, up to date and as complete as much as possible;

(b)       You are to ensure that such material does not breach any law whether it be State, Federal or Local;

(c)        You are not to use the Directory to place any material, which violates the intellectual property rights of others;

(d)       You are not to place any material in the Directory which could lead to any inference that you are a related party to BAS;

(e)       You are not to engage in any conduct, which is misleading or deceptive;

(f)        You are not to place in the Directory any material that, in the view of BAS, could be considered to be defamatory, harassing, offensive or objectionable;

(g)       You are not to place any material which encourages the commission of any criminal offence; and

(h)       You must not place any material in the Directory, which could leave the Directory susceptible to attack by computer worms or viruses or other destructive programs.


BAS shall take reasonable precautions to prevent attacks by viruses and other infections.  BAS does not warrant that the Website will be free from these problems or that access to the Website will be uninterrupted.


The Copyright for the Contract for Supply on this Website is owned by the owners of BAS and is protected under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) and by the Copyright Laws of Australia and other countries.  No material on this Website may be reproduced, adapted, uploaded to a third party, displayed in public in any form by any process without the written consent of BAS.


The laws applicable to the Contract for Supply of Directory Services shall be the laws governing the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of New South Wales.


Should any of these Conditions of Use be found to not be in strict compliance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia or the State of New South Wales then such conditions shall be severed from these Conditions of Use leaving the remaining still in force.


(a)        BAS makes no warranty or representation about the accuracy or completeness of material placed on the register by users of the Directory;

(b)        BAS disclaims all warranties whether express or implied statutory or otherwise;

(c)        BAS excludes all liability to you for any loss or damage, which may arise from your use of the Website or Directory;

(d)        BAS shall not be liable for any incidental, indirect, exemplary, punitive and/or consequential damages, lost of profits or damages resulting from lost data.

9.         RIGHTS OF BAS

BAS shall have the right:-

(a)        To remove or modify any material on the Directory which does not comply with Condition 3 of these Conditions of Use;

(b)        To terminate the Contract for Supply of Directory Services at anytime with or without notice;

(c)        To supply information to Law Enforcement Authorities which these authorities shall lawfully request from BAS about the users of the Directory; and

(d)        To provide notices to users of the Directory by posting the same on the Directory or Website.


(a)        BAS may terminate the Contract for Supply of Directory Services to you at anytime with or without notice; and

(b)        You may terminate the Contract for Supply of Directory Services by notifying BAS that you no longer want your business particulars displayed on the register.

11.       GLOSSARY

The following terms have the following meanings:-

(a)        “you” means yourself if you are an individual or “your company” if you are authorized officer of a company;

(b)        BAS means “Better Advertising Solutions”;

(c)        “Website” means;

(d)        “Directory” means the Directory found at; and

(e)        “User” means those who contract with BAS to list business details on the Directory and also those who use the Directory to obtain information about those businesses.